What is the key of training for Surfing?

What is the key of training for Surfing?

①Giving training for the real Client in the class.

②I have done “this” for the first day.

①Giving training for the real Client in the class.

We can get the opportunity of the giving training for the real clients in a class. I believe this is one of the highlight of this course because before we work in industry, we can have the real experience with kind of security by teachers.  But still we have to create our own program and training, also we have to commit them. I have got a Ultimate Frisbee player who is competing as internationals.

Last time I was a trainer, but this time, I am participating in this program.

②I have done “this” for the first day.

This is the DAY!!!

I have got first screening today by my trainer Ludvig (from Sweden) and he had asked me about injury history, my goals of training, some physical tests. We had taken part in the surfing session last 6 months together and we have been good friends each other as a normal, but we are now Trainer and Client.

This is the first physical test he suggested me, BEEP TEST. As a result, I could get Level 10-11 today. It means GOOD.

Now I am really looking forward to getting improve my physical level in these 10 sessions with my trainer Ludvig.

Professional Surfer Kaiki Yamanaka X Body Conditionist Daiki Noguchi

Professional Surfer Kaiki Yamanaka X Body Conditioner Daiki Noguchi

①Who is “Professional Surfer Kaiki Yamanaka”?

②What is Body conditioning?

③How I approached to the body during competition period?

①Who is “Professional Surfer Kaiki Yamanaka”?

He was born in 1994 from Osaka, Japan, currently University student of Kansei University.

He is the hope of Kansai area in professional surfers for the world wide competitor.

Now he is moving his base to QS (Qualification Series) from Japan, JPSA (Japan Pro Surfing Association),

and competing hard even he is carrying significant Lower Back Issue.


Please have a look his Instagram and Video at the end of this!!


Nowadays, he is staying at Gold Coast, Australia to compete QS.

Though I could not see him much in Japan due to the distance between Osaka and Tokyo,

I have been seeing him in Australia often on February pretty much every year since we had been friend.

At this time, I had a chance to go to Gold Coast from Sunshine Coast for something else,

eventually he offer me to do his body conditioning at the time and I accept it.


②What is Body conditioning?

We, personal trainer, calling Body Conditioning for checking muscle balance

and maintenance it with full knowledge of muscular, anatomy, bones and physiological point.

We use the techniques of stretching and strength, the skill of muscle maintenance for body conditioning.


③How I approached to the body during competition period?

It was the first session for Kaiki, had a screening about how is body going,

how do you treat your body in Japan,

then I talked to Kaiki how he wants to treat today, this time.

The day was just between the competition (2 days before the next comp),

so I did not give deep tissue treatment for him but treat superficial tissue,

release fatigue muscle pain for whole body with general pressure

base with the treatment what he normally has in Japan.


Also I asked him what he normally train and fix some techniques

and give some new core exercises and stretching.


I got a text from him after that and he said;

 I feel my body has got  really light!

Lower back is still sore,

I would like to have your body conditioning again!

I was really happy with he got positive result

but also I was a little bit shocked that his lower back is the same,

even I expected it will not change a lot

because it was not good time to give deep tissue treatment for that area.

I told him that you need a patience to fix it well and need to take a time approaching it.

Also that is the job of mine that make that time short and even stronger than before as a good personal trainer.

I said to him that I would like to have session more often and make him stronger.

Now still studying for the next session for better result.


Until I can say these words with full of confidence that “making lower back better ”

from my own experience of Herniated disc of lower back,

that experience was one of best session for me to be motivated even higher!!

Thank you for your cooperation, Kaiki!!


Here is his IG↓

This is the video which he has made when he had come to Australia last year.↓

📍Australia from kaiki yamanaka on Vimeo.